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Train your… sea slug?

A new case of How to train your dragon… or your sea slug.

This slug is commonly known as the Sea Swallow (Glaucus Atlanticus).  He is briliantly colored to warn off any dangerous enemies.  These crazy little guys pack a powerful punch, as they feed off of the poisonous Man of War Jellyfish, while collecting the toxins in oder to store them in their wavy little fingers.  Their ability to collect this poison, allows them to be even more powerful than the Man of War itself!  ouch!

These cool creatures live in the open ocean (pelagic zone) throughout the oceans of the world.  They can mostly be found where the Man of War Jellyfish live, in the Eastern and Southern Parts of South Africa.  They spend the majority of their life floating upside-down on the tops of the water.

These Sea Swallows tend to swallow prey that would appear to be dangerous and harmful.  They feed off of not only the venomous Portuguese Man of War, but also several other venomous species such as the by-the-wind-sailor, the blue button, and the violet snail.  They may even become cannibalistic at times.

Their fingerlike projections (cerata) are feathers of venomous nematocysts that the slug derives from it’s preys poisons.  It uses a gas filled sac in it’s stomach to rise to the surface, where they float dorsal side down.  They are countershaded, with magnificent blue on the dorsal surface, and silver grey on the ventral surface.  The blue protects the slugs from predators below, and the silver grey from the predators above.

It is not yet known on how they move, some say it is by wind, some believe they may actually use some sorts of body parts.  These slugs are hermaphroditic, able to carry both male and female reproductive organs, and produce egg strings after reproduction.


Enjoy the video!


One response to “Train your… sea slug?

  1. born1963

    I have two videos for you. One on the Glacullus Maginata and another on Grey Nurse Sharks
    Search Youtube for Blue Angels (Sea Slugs) and Save the Sharks (grey Nurse)
    Hope you Enjoy.

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