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Honduran White Bats

Wouldn’t you just like to jump into a big pit filled with these little furry white bats?!

These adorable little creatures are known as the Honduran white bat (Ectophylla alba).  They can be found in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and parts of western Panama.

These bats create a tent-like home by cutting the side veins of the large Heliconia leaves, which allows the leaves to fold them up into a fluffy taco.  This tent protects a colony of bats from rain and predators.

 Up to a dozen individuals make up a colony within each leaf, composed of one male and it’s harem of females.  This family relies on this leaf, as they will only flee if the base of their main stem is disturbed.  This leaf-tent provides a well designed camouflage for this group, even considering that they hang about 6 feet from the ground, which allows the sun to reflect a greenish hue off of their bright white coats, blending in with the environment.  These bats feed off of fruit, which leaves them fluffy and cute as ever. It is hard to believe anyone would be scared of these fluff balls.  Sublime

Video below!



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