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Chameleons always at you fingertips!

Alright, so I am a huge sucker for baby chameleons… so when I heard a new species was found that didn’t reach more than an inch in length, I just had to share!!!

Brookesia Micra is a recently discovered species of chameleon which is native to the islet of Nosy Hara in Antsirana, Madagascar.  It is currently considered the smallest chameleon, the smallest reptile, and even the smallest amniote discovered!  As an adult, this small little reptile can only reach a length of 29mm (that’s right, measured in MILLIMETERS!)

Hmmm, what could you compare 29 mm to?  The end of a matchstick, the tip of a fingernail, the end of an eraser…. I think you get the picture…

What is that?  You don’t?  Let me show you:

Tip of finger nail!

Tip of matchstick!

Now that’s small!!!

The size of these adorable little reptiles is most likely linked to the evolution of reduction in size over each generation due to habitat limitations (insular dwarfism).  At the inland of Madagascar, these micro chameleons reside in the leaf litter by day, and climb high in the branches at night.

Unfortunately, these little chameleons are located in an area where much illegal logging occurs, leaving these helpless reptiles sensitive to habitat destruction.  This could be a huge conservation issue with this particular species of chameleon.

Oh man oh man oh man,  these chameleons adorable!!! Who can resist!!! How sublime!!




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